January 28, 2009

I have been a serious slacker, I feel like my energy was zapped is that possible has anyone heard of this? LOL
Plus Mr.Mason has been sick he's over it now I hope, he
was doing pooo really soft yesterday and going and going
but not really DH ummmm... Oh well it is what it is
when it comes to these
lil people! jejeje
I was so happy on Sunday my oldest DD Ro came to visit for
a day, she was in WVirginia with her dad and they had to come to NY to do another job, he installs Camera/Internet/wiring IDK so she came here, I was so freaking excited and Charlie about jumped out the window when she was here, they are really close and I of course kept it hush hush just in case they coudn't last minute, so Imagine her reaction as
she saw her in the driveway, LOL
She already said she'll be coming back in April for
Spring Break... Yay
Today we will be hit with a major snow storm 7-9 inches AGAIN!!!!
When will it end???? I love taking my photos in it and then that's it I want it to go away. LOL
I was so happy b/c it had started to melt and stuff and
now it's FREEZZIINNGG!!! Ackkk
Ok on to some great and exciting scrappin news...
I've made 2 new Teams in one swoop...
I'm really excited to be on these teams.
I've always looked at Somerset Studios Mag and Altered Art and now is my time to try it out.. woo hoooo
These 2 are amazing and they're altered art is to die for It's such a treat to create for them both.
This is my first page SherrieJD and Tangie Baxter.
I used Curious Adventures- The Collection
Curious Adventures-The CollectionSherrieJD and Tangie Baxter
It's available @ ScrapOrchard & ScrapbookGraphics

& My second page using:Tizzleberry Pop! by
DeCrow Designs and Tangie Baxter &

Drafts and Blueprints Bundle Two by
DeCrow Designs and Tangie Baxter available @ ScrapbookGraphics & We Are Storytellers

Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley has this beautiful new kit out, it'just magical and has alot of the right elements

Check out the gallery for more inspiration.

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Kris Ann said...

Congrats on your new CT positions.

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