December 19, 2008

Yup this is what we have to look forward to, Yay us! :(
We really got pounded today and I'm so mad at my job.
They freakin didn't let us go once it started to snow and
then they were like oh you can leave at 3:00 what,
I don't think so I left at 1:30 picked up the kids by 2:30
and made it home by 3 so imagine if I would've left @ 3
when they said I would've been home around 5 with all
the other traffice. These people are crazy.

Winter Wonder Kit by Irene Alexeeva available @Scrap Orchard

My layout using the page & it's found here.

Matahati Designs Freebie go to the Orchard for d/l info ;) hurry it's for a limited time :)

A layout for the Color Combo Galore Challenge 101 ;)

I used:FeiFei's Stuff:Adorened Frames,
Mr.Fancy Pants Kit by Bren Boone Designs & Kasia Designs,
Mimilou Designs:Grey & White pp

Layout found here

3 Comentários:

Zippizip said...


Jenn and I used to live in CT (we live in TN now) We got 1/4" of snow last year. Although we miss CT, we DON'T miss the snow (or traffic on the Merritt Parkway or 95, or etc.) Be safe and have a great holiday!

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

JanMary said...

Gorgeous kits and layouts.

Keep safe in that snow.

No snow here yet in Ireland (much to my kids disappointment) and when we get some it never stays for long.

Fryske said...

Wow, I love these things of Irene! We don't have any snow atall.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Fryske

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