November 23, 2008

I did absolutely nothing today, I've been so lazy other than getting 3 loads of laundry done. Breakfast was a bomb to say the least I made a whole bunch of pancakes & found out we had no syrup and I asked the older girls yesterday when we were at the store b/c I had it planned in my mind what I was going to make and they said no we have a whole bottle, yeah right!
So I was upset not majorly but enough to not eat em, I just drank my coffee and had a slice of toast, they had to eat the pancakes like that b/c they wouldn't hear of putting honey on em, K whateva'!!!
Yesterday I braved the cold & it was FREE-EEE-Z-ING I had to have my oil changed so we stayed about an hour n half in the mall so we went to visit Santa... Yeah I went out with all the kiddos all 5 in tow and Mr.Mason was the most well behaved he didn't cry or anything, I was actually surprised he was so good well until he sat on Santas lap Mr. Mason would have none of it everytime he saw him raise his hand or look his way he screamed the pictures are somewhat what I had pictured in my mind only him not smiling and finding that one good one...
Here are some of the one's they let me take b/c I bought a package I really didn't like the one's they gave me but oh well it's done....

I have more but this one her is my fav only if the lighting in it in the bottom would've been better :(
This new kit debuted Friday at Scrap Orchard it's a
collab by two very talented ladies Matahati Designs &
Faith True, don't you just love that unique name ;)
Scenes D'Hiver

Here's my page using the amazing kit
Scenes d'Hiver
by Matahati Designs &
Faith True!

Are you looking for a new Creative Team well here's your opportunity, Go & apply you have nothing to lose and something wonderful to gain Painter

The original post can be found here Raining Hearts

3 Comentários:

Beth said...

Those Santa pictures are adorable!! And your layout is spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Both pics are too cute! Love the treatment on the first one. Gorgeous page!

chantillylace said...

Gorgeous photos. I love what oyu did with them. I would have been annoyed about the syrup too.

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