October 25, 2008

It's a really gloomy day today.
I'm inside the house w/the kids well except for Helena
she gets to enjoy her day today in Mass.
She went to UMAS University
for her Color Guard duties and I missed it b/c
Mr. Mason is teething he has 4 teeth on top coming in
at once and he's miserable w/ a capital "M" she did call
to say they were eating bar-b-q and practiced for 2 hrs uggghhh
and she said it's chilly outside... Kinda glad I didn't go.
On another note
I was suppose to take Charlie for her Permit today
and she's bummed b/c I didn't take her for that
either I told her no matter what next Sat unless
she can convince Nelson to take her on Tues...
We shall see..... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley has a new kit out

**Forever Fall**

Here's my layout using the above kit: Found here

The goodies are on sale at the Sweet Shoppe Today,
C'mon over....

And for some other very important news....
Please don't miss this ;)

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday :)

1 Comentário:

SarahB said...

Beautiful kit! Love the trees!

So many great releases at SSD today---I've got 4 tabs open right now with products trying to decide if I can bear to buy just a few or if I have to get them all. :)

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