October 26, 2008

I did absolutely nothing today besides organize my office which was a complete MESS and I sorted all of my bills paid what I could and played with the kids outside.
I love watching Mason try to keep up with Ary & Gio
he's still wobbly on his feet and he sure as hek can't
run so he falls all the time and then he screams when
they leave him behind.
It's absolute joy watching him.... I need to video him and put it up for you guys to watch.. jejeje
I did a layout for the Color Combos Galore Challenge
so glad I found this place
lets me use my stash

It's SBE Sunday and it's 20% off today and tomorrow...
I'll be back later this week with some pages.

1 Comentário:

Suzanne said...

Oh gosh how cute is that photo! I totally love this page and how you worked the colours from the challenge blog. Thanks for playing :)

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