October 01, 2008

I'm such a bad blogger I know... I know... LOL Im suppose to upload some pics of
Gio and Ary from the Open House I haven't forgotten someone reminded me they
want to see them I'll try to get them up tonite I'm off to Charlie & Helena's Open House,
Helena said one of her teachers can't wait to meet me not sure if that's a good thang
or bad she said he better keep his eyes and hands to himself or else, LMAO As if......

I'll leaave you with some layouts I did recently ;)
I so love this photo of Gio he said to me the day I took it mom, Do you think I could
go back to being Mason's size just for one day, I lol cuz I now that's not possible but
the thought made me smile, I so love this lil guy he has such a sweet tender nature about

**New in the Shoppe**Afternoon Strollby Misty CatoBad Sewing Machine III - Prismatic
by Traci Reed from SweetShoppe Designs I also used a Freebie Template by MKDesigns

Layout found here
Charlie and Mr.Mason before they cut down all the corn, I love this pic of both of em.
I did a layout with the kit below by Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley

Layout found here

That's Mr.Mason showing off his walking skills through what's left of the corn field
in the field behind our house. I love those cheeks...
I used:Love and Thanks by Eva Kipler and Andrea Burns from SweetShoppe Designs

Layout Found Here
Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

6 Comentários:

Nikki said...

Your pages are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a bad blogger to. I just go in spurts!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous layouts. I agree this kind of commitment is HARD (said in my whiniest voice)!

Jennifer said...

Your LOs are just gorgeous! :)

Tracy said...

Beautiful LOs...if he figures out a way to shrink, let me know how he does it. LOL!

Monique said...

Beautiful layouts, and I just love reading the story behind the photos. Love the tricycle layout and photo! Have a great day!

Kresta said...

Aww, beautiful pages!

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