June 01, 2008

Ok Mi Gente, get ready for a rant, My dd had her Banquet/Prom on Friday I went out of my way to buy a camera for her to take pictures and it wasn't a freakin cheap one either for the 20 pics she took I could've just bought her a DISPOSABLE 1, uggghhhh this is her last year and all she talked about for like a month, Geessh 20 pics I'm so mad at her, myself, I don't even know but I'm upset with her and dont' want to upset her but she knew something was up, I guess as long as she has her memories in her MEMORY she's good but I'm not wahhhh!!!! I'm venting here and then I'll let it go, K woo sahhh.... woo sahhh...... woo sahhhh..........
Helena also had her Bar-B-Q/Party for her 8th grade end of year celebration on Friday and she took our other camera she was happily taking pics and one of the teachers told her, you have to put your camera away the school photo club is taking pictures so my dd the mouthy lil one she is.
Said ok so and so snap the picture, the teacher said no you have to put it away. My dd loves a good argument so she said your taking away my memories and that's not right b/c I can't be where they (photo club) are at all times for a picture and on top of that they don't take pictures of everyone or everything, she said I do a better job then they do so the teacher took her camera away till the end of the nite, do you think I should say something write em a note, call em on Monday I'm a lil peeved about that too, K so 2 negatives on a Friday nite it wasn't good at all!!! Has anyone ever heard of tha? The school club only being aloud to take pics I mean, I never have. Ok I'm on to some good stuff, rant is over!!!
Look at what Bren Boone has gone and done, yup a Freebie go here to get it!

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petra a*k*a milo82 said...

wow, I would have pissed with that teacher too and would sure write them a note! That is just weird!

Love the layouts and thanks for pointing me to Bren's freebie..just looove her stuff and bought loads of her goodies during NSD! Thanks hun and have a fab weekend! Hugs!

Dawne said...

The layouts are awesome!!!! Have a great Sunday... :)

chantillylace said...

Oh no. What a horrible teacher to take the camera away. Thanks for the heads up on Bren's freebie. thanks for visiting my blog.

Jenna said...

Gorgeous pages, Mary. You know, where my son attends school, especially at the beginning of the year, they make the parents sign a release about photos, etc....so I know it sometimes it allowed and sometimes not, due to these releases signed by us parents. If it's clearly posted somewhere, then she had the right..but if it's NOT, then, well she doesn't have the right...unless they do the same as us...???? I always ask if I can take photos, etc...and the teacher has copies of the releases and luckily all the kiddos are in the clear, so I was shooting tons of photos on my son's last day of school. Sorry to be such a long reply...I wanted to visit your blog for the longest time. Sowwy to hear your daughter forgot to take photos..teenagers..ahhh!

thumper6423 said...

I would soooooooo be callign the school. Unless there was something sent home before hand, there's absolutely NO reason studens shouldn't be allowed to preserve their memories. These things only happen once in their lives. I'd also demand FREE copies of ALL photos the photo club took since they took your DD's camera away. But then of course I'm a mean witch like that. Just ask my son's principal. He's had to deal with me the last few days over his lack of common sense.

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