June 07, 2008

Hi Everyone, I'm getting ready for a scorcher today. Suppose to be 98-deg, ughhh & The kids asthma has been acting up all week so this will make it worse! MrMason and Gio are just getting over pink eyes and fever, thank gosh they were the only one's that got it. Do you ever notice that one will get sick and then 2 days later the other one this bites for me b/c my MIL left last week to ElSalvador so I had to leave work early on Weds to get Mason from the other sitter and take him to the Dr. and Gio had 103 fever yesterday in school, Yikes so I had to leave work early to pick him up. My supervisor was less than thrilled but that's life, right! My kiddos are sick...
Well with the heat wave coming the kids are ready to jump in our Lil blue pool. Mr.Mason has a lil green one I need to set up, ughhh I hate doing that. LOL but I'll be busy with em today ;)
On to some fun stuff...
I love waking up Satureday morning and seeing all the new goodies I'll get to play with,
well not all of em cuz that would take more than a week,LoL but I love being a Babe what a treat!

Look Who's having a call, yes Mandabean so if you want in Go For It!!
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Cool Dude Crocodile by Lauren Grier

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

5 Comentários:

Kathy said...

Wish it would warm up here.
Day 6 of overcast and cool weather - mere 68 right now in MN - stay cool~!

Amanda said...

I know what you mean about the whole sick child thing! they just pass it around and around! Enjoy the sun--we are getting a cold rain here in Utah. I think God forgot to turn the dial to summer here in Utah.

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Wow, look at all the SSD goodies! Lucky gal to get to play with them. :-)

Sorry about the sick kiddos!

Heather said...

awww! I hope the kids feel completely better soon! My kids like to share with each also. :o(

Gorgeous stuff going on over here!

evitangel said...

gorgeous stuff!

hope your sweets are going better soon mary!

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