June 10, 2008

Hi Everyone well I thought I was going to be in the count again but yesterday
Mr.Mason got a fever again and he's been super clingy his cough isn't better and
he's been like that since Like 2Sat's agooo + fever for 2 days not sure if he has some
type of infection going on or what and Ary's pink eye :( I'm so glad I have this week
off b/c when my kiddos get sick it usually sucks up my whole month b/c it's one
after the other, Gio had his share and now Mason again and Ary followed behind
so I'll be off to the Dr's office again today... Yay meee and I wanted to scrap
w/some goodies I got today maybe this afternoon ;)
My Ro will get her cap and gown tomorrow, of course you know I'll be their w/my
camera in hand ohh yeah and 3 sweaty-cranky kiddos in tow, LOL
Were still having our heat wave schools closed early b/c they have no AC,
durt da durt when they build the schools did this not occur to them this would happen,
fans can only do so much and ummm I know we all pay taxes for these things and
with an increase being requested for this and that crap this is the 1st thing that
comes to my mind oh that and a full time Kinder would be awesome but that's not
on the budget :( Ok I got way off subject but my mind is all scattered right know,
LOL... On to some sweet stuff

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

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