April 20, 2008

Darn I missed Friday b/c I had to take Mr.Mason to the dr. long story short... he's had a rash that was treated 2-1/2 wks ago and I had to take him again Friday b/c it got worse and spread all over his arms and chunky legs. :( He had to get some blood test b/c the dr.thinks it might be something he's allergic to :( big sighhhh I just want it to go away cuz it just looks so itchy. I took him for his blood test that same day cuz I need to know so I just have to wait till tomorrow to find out what the results say. Here he is in the car I had to nurse him to calm him down after the test and then he went home w/dad and grandma. I'm such a bad mom I had to go back to work.

I'm so siked I just have to publicly Thank Ediline, she RAK'd me this masterpiece, Awakening of Spring. I was in awwww seriously look at this kit, It's so freaking awesome and just stands out, I hope to crank out something with it tomorrow believe me inspiration is not my problem, I have family over this w/end. Don't they know I want to play, LOL

Ok It' s officially official, LOL I got this email in my inbox the other day

Welcome New Scrap N' Art Designers!

We'd like to welcome the following designers to the Scrap N' Art 'Zine Team! Keep an eye out for their incredible work in our upcoming issues!

Digital Designers:

Chere Nordstrand
Mary Martinez

Traditional (Paper) Designers:

Stacey Towers
Keandra Perkins-Willis
Tara Young


This is only a sampling of the new Scrapbook-Elements products available this week!

Rina Kroes -
Mellow on My Mind Page Set
Cathy Bretz -
Greta Page Set
Phuong Ton -
My Journal Page Set
Miki Ferkul -
Dryads Page Set

Misty Cato -
Spunky Girl Brag Book Album
Rina Kroes -
Scripture Scraps #7
Rina Kroes -
Elegant Borders
Rina Kroes -
Elegant Borders Overlays

Phuong Ton -
Leather Texture Overlays
Phuong Ton -
Basic Edges PS Styles
Phuong Ton -
Got Inked! Overlays
Misty Cato -
Clean Lines 2 Templates

4 Comentários:

movefearlessly said...

sorry to hear about your little guy - hope everything gets better soon!

Kiki said...

Way to go on the designing gig! I hope the little one isn't too uncomfortable and they find a real solution for you!

chantillylace said...

Poor little mite. It's so sad when they are not well. Congrats on the RAK. Awakening of Spring is a great kit. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

JanMary said...

Poor wee guy - hope he is improving.

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