January 14, 2008

We had lots of snow today I got the day off and so did the kids it was the perfect packing snow for making snowmen so my kiddos made a lil one. I'm so glad when I don't have to go work It's almost toxic now at work I went back as of last week and the only good thing I can say about all the drama that happened when I went back after maternity leave is that I get a pay check and my ego won't let me quit you know give it gives me the satisfaction so I'm there and smirking insideb/c I know that they'd love to have me off the payroll but I won't give em the satisfaction. On to some good stuff, K

Aracely holding her white stuff she was up early and at 9:am around the time it stopped snowing she was ready to fly out the door....

Giovanni lovin the white stuff!!!

the lil guy on my door step 24-7 jejeje.

Look at what Diamante Designs has cooked up... Amazing right she never c eases to amaze me I'll be back soon with a layout using all of this scrumptious stuff!!! She sells over @ Scrapbook-Bytes go take a peek
Look at the goodies that you'll get in the Scrapbook-Elements Newsletter if you're signed up if you need to then just go here and do it now!!!

2 Comentários:

evitangel said...

we have had no snow till now! I love your photos!

Kelly Shults said...

No snow here either... just ICE! :) You got some great photos! I am lovin' the stuff from Diamante too!

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