January 29, 2008

Micheline Martin Designs Creative Team Layout of my Ary playing with her dolly it's one of the Baby Alive and as soon as I buy her pampers or food for the doll she wants to use it right up kids know nothing about conserving and stretching it out Question Markso she gets one pamper and food for the whole week I told her if she can't keep a clean pamper on her dolly all week then give her the food at the end then this is how we'll do it. She looked at me like I was crazy You're Nutsand tried to take Masons pampers. LOL Full Credits here

SweetShoppeDesigns Creative Team Layout.... Here's Mr. Mason when he got his shots last year jejeje not to long a go he'll be going again for more of these next month Fly SwatFullCredits Here

Famous 1I have some awesome news I made Scarletheels Media Team. Bow Down
Thats Two new teams for the New Year so freakin awesome woo hoo...... That's both teams I'd mentioned below.Thank You

Holy Molyand onto the new additions to Diamante Designs I know she had some amazing talent applying she even had to close her call early jejeje and her choices were hard but here they are....

4 Comentários:

Robin L said...

Great los, what a great memory there! Congrats on the CTs.

Chantal said...

Congrats on the CT`s, I am on Scarletheels Guest Ct in April!

Welli Designs said...

gorgeous layouts. Huge congrats on the CT's !!

Heather said...

The baby alive really uses baby food? And real pampers?? I'm going to have to check this out for Kat. Though I don't think she could stretch it out either. LOL

Beautiful layouts! Congrats on the CTs!

Vacunas! That's the word. I can never remember what it is when I'm telling Pato's friends that one of the kids had to get their shots. I'm like, you know injeciones. ROFL

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