September 07, 2007

I have my 32 week check-up today I forget when they have to start physically checking the cervix to check for dilation ohhhh what fun, I'm not gonna gross anyone out I think that's enough info, LOL
My kids say I've lost more weight I'm glad they see something different cuz I feel bigger and heavy.
I'll be leaving soon so I'll leave you with some layouts and pics..... :)
I have 2 Diamante Design by Lori Wiley Creative Team layout to share that's me and my dh we stopped for a lil R&R after 5 hours of walking around Holoyoke Mall in Mass. on Monday my feet were thumping and it's a miracle they weren't swollen :( We were school shopping for all of my kids all 5 of em! Full Credits Here )

Here's my Second Layout using Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley, I love this pic of my 2 lil one's their enjoying each others company and soaking up the rays it will all come to an end soon :(
Full Credtis Here

My dd and ds on their 1st day of Pre-K and School for Gio and ughhh their first day was Tuesday the 5th, I just got a moment to put my lil munchkins up... I have some more from their school I'll post those this w/end. :)

Gio isn't he the most handsome lil guy ok I'm biased but I can be, jejeje.....can you tell I only have 1 son. LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope everyone has a Great Day :)

3 Comentários:

Gina said...

You're getting close to the end -I bet you can't wait to meet your new little one.

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

You are looking great Mary! I can't believe you are 32 weeks already! Time goes so quickly...great layouts too :)

michellewaite1 said...

cute layouts. If everything is going well, they do not start checking until the last couple of weeks. They never could find mine since my sons head was so low he was almost out. I was fully dialated before they checked it at delivery. Hope that's not TMI

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