August 27, 2007

This weekend was grocery weekend we went to Sams so hopefully it'll be enough for two weeks. OMG the amount of $$ we spent is ridiculous and to think we have one more lil one coming ALONG...... Big Sighhh , Yeah I know should've been a factor before not after, LOL I'm just thinking out loud. Ya know.
I have two new layouts to share from this weekend

This is of my beautiufl Chi-Chi my querida linda ok she's getting a lil spooked and feels the footsteps of her lil brother right behind her but she won't be kicked to side b/c of it. ;)
I used Diamante Designs aka Lori Wiley Pp and Elements from Scrapbook-bytes Full Credits Here.
Oh and the best thing is she's having a sale all week long
My ds coloring his eggs earlier this year:Pp's are By Sara Ellis from the OAKS Store and the preview is below..... Full Credits here

3 Comentários:

Anonymous said...

What a cute LO of easter egg painting!~G (aka CraftTeaLady at DST)

Di said...

I get the whole shopping thing with little ones.. and how much it costs. I never thought about it before either.. had four kids! Let me tell you - wait till they're in their teens... ate us out of house and home ;) Love those layouts.. photos are really fab.

Anonymous said...

Love those cute layouts!

Lynn G

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