August 24, 2007

My dd's made it home safe and sound, I picked em' up from the airport and it was raining, raining so no pics available :( They were already waiting outside they landed at a small airport so it went quick! My oldest dd has not gotten out of her PJ's since she got home she says she's not going anywhere so what's the use of getting dressed, Teens OMG I wanna hurl when I see her [is that a bad thing to say about my dd?] Anyways I'm going to register them all in school, I know I know I'd be the first one to talk smack about someone else waiting till the last minute school only starts next Wednesday. I'm gonna get it done today It's my mission, gosh all 5 of em in school even Ary she'll be in Pre-K Full time.... I'll be busy I hope 1/2 day is enough cuz that's all I can take off today. ;)
Here's a summer layout I've been meaning to do but haven't till now, needed some time to just sit!

I used Misty Catos Alphas for this layout down below and Kiki-Scraps Bg Pp. Full Credits Here

This is the photo I used for the layout above, I couldn't quite get it where I wanted but here's the good one.... ;)
Have a great day and Thanks for reading and looking this far :)

2 Comentários:

Garynka said...

Love your layout! Love the expression on the kids faces!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Maby said...

Hola mujer! What a great pic love the expression on the kids faces!!! Oh.. btw... Im back!!!!

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