August 30, 2007

School has officially started in our household. 2 Yesterday, 1 today, and 2 more next Tuesday after the holiday It's a lil weird to have them all going at the same time LOL but I guess they're growing up.... When did that happen I have do idea time flew right before my eyes :) I'm gonna share a couple layouts I did this week and some pics of my dd's down below.
ScrapbookElements Creative Team Layout. Full Credits here

Scrapbook Elements Creative team duties: Full Credits Found Here

Creaive Team layout using Diamante Designs aka Lori Wiley: Full Credits found Here....

I used Adobe Lightroom for these pics below, I downloaded the trial version and all I know is I freakin love it and I'm seriously considering buying it when my trial expires.... Oh sorry on to the good stuff two of my dd's started school yesterday, yup the 2 below and they had a good 1st day and the standard pp work was brought him for me to fill out ohhh how I hate all that pp, Geesh why do I fill out the enrollment forms I wonder ya know!!!


8th Grade

3 Comentários:

Yen said...

Beautiful Layouts and photos!!!:)

Heather said...

Gorgeous layouts! I love the baby bump one!

And your daughters are beautiful! Enjoy some free time when they are all in school!

Maby said...

Love the baby tummy Mary! And your girls are very pretty!!

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