June 27, 2007

We recently had a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate our New 3rd floor where we are located Ob-Gyn/Women's Health and Pediatrics/Adolescent departments. It's a big difference b/c before we were sharing a space and now were not, Woo Hoo!!!!

The following is the patient rooms and the Dr's offices are to the left and right behind me and the description on the pic!

Here the patients come and wait to be called while watching TV you can't see it but it's in the upper right corner w/Directv Service, cool ehhh!

Here is where I sit w/my girl Ana. I sit in the corner you can see some of my pics barely but I have a lil bulletin board w/some stuff on it! Were not allowed to tack anything onto the walls cuz they're new and they think it will look tacky! LOL Oh well I just keep it right beside me and hope it won't fall.

I have to share some pics of Helena from her CSL Dinner as I have time now to post! :p The one
below is when she got her diploma for completing the program. Can you tell she's happy ;)

Here she is with her group facilitators/mentors, she loves this program so much so sad she'll be missing it this summer and next year, hey maybe she can start one at her new school!

Here's where Helena had won the mini shuffle with Gio on his birthday! Jejeje

And lastly one of me. I'm 21 weeks here and everyone says it's gonna be a big boy I feel like I should be giving birth already! I have how many more weeks like 19 here Geez tell me I'm not that big, LOL ahhhh it's ok I know somedays I feel better than others! :)

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Sarah said...

Your new 3rd floor offices Look Great! How exciting to have everything new!

Have a Great Day! Thanks for visiting my Blog :)

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