June 29, 2007

I went shopping today at Baby Gap all sale items were 25% off so I bought some stuff, who can pass up a sale, Not Me!!!! Chi-Chi got all the stuff today cuz she's the only one that still fits in Baby Gap clothes Giovanni is now in Gap Kids so I'll be heading there tomorrow for him ;)

Skirts this one and a Plain Green one that wasn't on the site, same style just diff. color

Shoes, yes I got her some too arent' these the phattest lil' thangs Eva!!! Yes They're Converse...

and lastly these sandals but in the same color as the 2nd top for 4.99 -25%, Love em!

That's my shopping spree at Baby Gap, ohhh she got a pair of Capris but they weren't on the site so Ididn't post em! I also went to Pottery Barn for Kids I got my son a pair of Panel curtains red ones to offset the blue and white in his room. Here's a peek

Ok on to a Creative Team Layout, that will be going in my Shutterfly Vacation book. From when we visited El Salvador in April. The Credits are Long: Liz Pike-Flower Funk, Kim Hill-Expose it Action, Misty Cato-Allegiance Alpha-June Newsletter Freebie, Alma Townsend-Verde June Newsletter Freebie, FernLili-Bent Cluster #2 and last but not least Lenas Day-Date Stamp [recolored]antoher Freebie. Layout found HeRe.

2 Comentários:

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

those little dresses art oo cute! And no I can´t pass a sale...LOL :-)
Also love the page here!!

Stopped by say thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy the freebies (there are two parts) If you used it, be sure to link me up to your lo and you´ll have a chance to win an awsome goodie from gina marie huff! :-)

Have a great day! Hugs

Anonymous said...

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