June 22, 2007

I still have yet to post the pics of Helena at her CSL Graduation/Dinner. Her speech was wonderful 'I know your thinking' I say that cuz I'm her mom but she talked about the lessons she learned and how people really are brought together from different backrounds through the program....BrAvO Helena, BrAvO!!! I admit it I almost cried. So sentimental I know I blame my hormones cuz I'm pregnant, LOL The 2nd hilight of the nite was when they did a drawing and they picked her name she won a "drumroll" "drumroll"

IPOD Shuffle the lil bitty orange one,
She already has an IPOD Nano the turquoise colored one. She was in the bathroom w/my ds when they drew her name so we decided we'd applause when she walked in, she was red and said why are people clapping? I said why do you think? She says cuz I won something, LOL Yup! We had a great night and the food was delicious and she got to take home a poster of her and some kids from the program. Yay

Ok for some Creative Team duties, I did the following layout for Scrapbook-Elements duties, I honestly love this Kit by Misty Cato and the Glitter Pack just RaWkS!!!

I scrapped about some thoughts my dh always shares with me when it comes to our kids being born here in the USA and not in El Salvador where he's from, the advantages and the dreams he has completed for them and himself. K enough here's the layout...... TFL

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Pink Pixels said...

Your daughter will LOVE her iPod! I had a shuffle and moved up to a full blown 30GB sucker. Now I can take my layouts with me!

Speaking of layouts, your kit layout is STUNNING! I might just have to go pick that up even though one of my designers just sent a 4th of July kit over! ;)

Cyndy said...

I teach music, and it is so handy to use in my class! She will love it.

Sarah said...

Congratulations to your Daughter!! how cool to win the drawing!! Your LO is Gorgeous!! Thanks for the Birthday Wishes :)
Have a great Weekend!!!

Krash said...

What a GORGEOUS page! Love the journaling too:) Congrats to your dd too for that cute orange iPod! lol! yep check out classmates.com but be prepared for e-mails a-plenty from them!!

Micheline Martin said...

WOOHOOO congrats on your daughter's prize how cool is that! I love love love your layout awsome work girl! You are so very talented. How's the baby bean doing? Behaving for mama hopefully! Hope your having a healthy pregnancy hope your having a fantastic weekend!

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