June 19, 2007

Today is Giovanni's 5th Birthday, He went to school and told everyone that would listen this morning I'ts my birthday I'm 5! He's so cute and I love him to death! My sweet Baby Boy... He'll get his gifts, cake and balloons later today.
I have to go to Helen's "Community Service Dinner" tonite she'll be graduating and giving a speech since she's a mentor Go HELENA!!! Were so proud of her, her statement to me this morning was Mom don't emberass me by Not Showing Up, I'm a guest speaker! Gosh does she trust me or what? What does this say about me as a mother? :( I know she only said it cuz she knows it's her brothers birthday and she dosen't want me to put him before her, It's so hard being a mom. {BIG SIGHHH } I'll be their don't worry with camera in tow

Yesterday was a hectic day I had to wait for my appliances to be delivered from Sears for the new house, then I had to exchange some bathroom toilet seat covers that didn't fit, then I had to go get Ary from the sitter 'oh yeah she stayed at the sitter' I had things to do and then her brother from school. I dropped em off at home and picked up Charlie for her hair cut we did that went home took a shower and got ready for her Graduation Ceremony, yup she passed on to High School from the 8th grade and we made her wear a dress she was so not happy but hey she only graduates from the 8th grade once. Her poor dad drove all the way from Fl to attend and they're going back w/him for summer vacation so I'll be saying goodbye tomorrow to Ro and Charlie. :(
I'll update w/pics later on....

6 Comentários:

Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Awww Happy Birthday to him and congrats to her too! :)

Shabem said...

Very nice new place you got.
Belated Happy B-day to him and congrats to her too.
How did you track me hehehe..
Anyway,thanks for droppin' by.

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

Happy Birthday to Giovanni! My daughter just turned 5 a few weeks ago!

LOVE your kitchen! Ooh...I wish I had that!

AbbysMomma said...

busy, busy, busy...the new kitchens looks great! Is that yours or just a pic of the appliances? Happy b-day to your little one and congrats to the graduate!!!!

paige said...

Busy day indeed!!! Love the new kitchen!

Maby said...

Mira que bonita cocina.. I was JUST thinking today we need a new refrigerator lol. LOVE the new blog look.. Glad to help any time! Talk to you soon!!

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