June 14, 2007

I have a huge moving weekend we are going to get everything out basically this weekend so we can finish setting up our new home. I painted Giovannis room already I'll have to post the pics, he's the only one I painted for it took so much out of me I'm not trying to do anyone else's room, KWIM!!! If you wanna volunteer to help me please do so I'm in Connecticut so please come! LOL
If I dissapear for awhile you already know why, I'm stuck under some boxes somewhere ;) _____________________________________________________________________________________

11 weeks Later we can see clearly.... Here's my 20 week Ultrasound and as you can already tell by the layout It's confirmed were having another Rey so Giovanni will have to step off of his throne for awhile, hey he wanted a brother so he got his wish. I just don't think it's what he's gonna expect. ;) I used Joana Carvalho Rio Kit it can be found at www.joanacarvalho.com This kit screamed use me use me and I also used Diamante Designs aka Lori Wiley Graph Tears Love those things they make a page unique!

This is my very 1st Ultrasound in March at 9 weeks. My rocky beginning. I used Diamante Designs aka Lori Wiley's Glamorous Day and Glamorous Decorative Swirls found at www.Scrapbook-Bytes.com and www.Scraptastics.com This collection has got to be my all time fave of Lori's everything about it is so versatile!

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