June 01, 2007

I've been slacking not updating the old blog but I have so much going on. Charlie is graduating on the 18th from the 8th grade, Giovanni's Birthday is on the 19th and were still packing the boxes to move into our new home and it has to be done by he 18th cuz Ro and Charlie are taking off to Fla. the day after the graduation, Big Siggghhhh!!! After we move I know everything will be ok and back to normal as normal can be. I can't wait.
I have some Creative Team News I'm a guest of the Fabulous Joana Carvalho I'm sporting my blinke down below on the right hand side..... and this one right here.
And I'm saying goodbye to the One and Only Traci Reed, her designs are awesome and I'll so miss being on that team :(

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