May 15, 2007

Baby News.....
I went to the OB yesterday I'm 4mths and the baby is right by my belly button, the heart beat was strong and everything is great, Good to Hear! I have to go for the birth deffect blood test, more I hate this part of being pregnant and another HIV yeah they didn't do it last time even though I gave em the consent so I'm not going to the same lab that's for sure, I asked if it was necessary and the OB said most def it is, I was just kidding I know they have to screen for a gazzillion things. The best part of my visit I have to say is I haven't gained any weight, I'm so happy about that, it really made my day! ; ) jejeje and I have to say I'm such a bad scrapper b/c I haven't documented any of my baby bump growth, I have an excuse I already had a bump from the other 5 so I didn't want to show off any more fat than I have to but I may take a couple this week to show how big I am and please no laughing or making fun, Ok Thanks I appreciate it!
Now on to some scrappin................

This is my mom coloring eggs with the kids but I only got her with Ary in this pic, Doesn't she look wonderful she's just glowing not sure if it's because she was with us and just happy or if it was from her making tortillas and she was hot, LOL I just know she looks fabulous!!!! Love ya Mom and I did this one for her in her honor for Mothers Day, I'm going to print it and mail it to her oh and for the Designer Digitals, Saturday scraplift challenge.
Credits found Here.

Heres a pic I did a of Chi-Chi on her birthday using the En Vogue kit from Scrap Artist 2nd Birthday, The pp's and elements are amazing it's no longer free but you can pick it up here.
Credits for the Layout found here

This kit screams summer to me, Love the lil doodles I used it to scrap the pic down under of my dh, ds and I catching a ride b/c we were so tired of the beach, burnt by the sun and all the walking around we did while at the resort in El Salvador. Kit can be found Here at Elemental Scraps

Tioberon studios creative team layout. Credits Here:

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