July 09, 2007

The following pics are from the fireworks display on Sat. in Hartford it rained here on the 4th so we had a few fireworks but not alot so my dd an I were looking forward to this day. My ds wanted to leave early cuz he was scared, I thought dd would give me a hard time but it was my ds, In a way I'm glad I did leave 10 mins early b/c the crowd getting off the bridge was horid and they were in a double stroller so just imagine I'll never do that again. LOL

This is the riverfront way before anything got started. The boats stayed lucky them!

Just before the fireworks started this was the view from the bridge. It's packed!

The beginning was breathtaking do you see the boats at the bottom?

They looked so awesome up close and personal!

The red white and blue was starting as I was leaving :(

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