May 09, 2007

I'm back...
like after almost 2 months, I went on Vacation to El Salvador last month which was a much needed stress reliever. We took Gio and Aracely the two lil ones as planned and they loved it well I think they loved being at the beach and pool cuz it was still freezing here in CT when we left and when we got back it was still cold! I was tempted to stay a bit longer the sun, the air, the days dragged by big sighhh, I miss it! Ok back to reality, Mary! I'm still slacking, I'm still tired not as much as before but still and my pregnancy is great, I had two ultrasounds already I had some minor issues in the beginning that's why I had 2, I have yet to scan em and post em I'll get to it maybe.... big maybe and my other one will be in June can't wait for that one. :) That one is the Anat and hopefully I'll know sex of the baby... Woo Hoo..... counting down the days for that one!

I have yet to scrap alot of the pics from vacation, I've only scrapped like 4 I think.
Here are 3 of them oh and these 2 layouts are from the Guest Creative Team Gig for this month with the wonderful Traci Reed.....

Aracely washing clothes. This kit is Serene by Traci Reed Credits here
My ds awaiting our boarding call at JFK This kit is Unbound by Traci Reed
This layout is for Scrapbook-Elements Creative Team: Credits Here

And other stuff in the digi world A new site dedicated to Charity: Songbird Avenue
The purchase for this months kit “FOLK ART” created by Jan Crowley, Meredith Fenwick and this month’s Guest Creative Artist "Shabby Princess" will be donated to The March of Dimes.
I think this is a fabulous way to give back to those in need and aren't they just generous the Creators and Designers that participate. Here's the kit you'll get for your $8.00 donation....
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.... Mary

4 Comentários:

ymA said...

Lovely layouts! Have a nice day =)

Audrey said...

love those layouts -- you do gorgeous work! so glad you enjoyed the trip!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

I'm so jealous! I seriously need a vacation!

Great layouts and can't wait to see the pics of your ultrasounds!

jan said...

thank you so much for blogging about us!! :)

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