March 16, 2007

Hi Everyone, Were in store for a huge Nor'Easter it was suppose to start at 4:00 am this morning and nothing happened but then at 10:30 am when I got to work it started coming down and has yet to stop they said 6-12 inches, Yeah 6-12 inches we'll see and were still here at work waiting to see what the word is on going home early! Because of the snow my 1st OB Appt was cancelled today it was for this morning but they called early and said they were cancelling all appts b/c of the storm, so I'll have to wait two more weeks for my 1st OB appt and dating ultrasound. [big sighhhh] I really wanted the dating US :( and Nelson was taking work off early too, oh well two weeks will fly by, I hope. On too beautiful things I have been really tired lately and still going to bed like at 8:00 and have no desire to be on the computer or scrapping I know that it's my hormones cuz I love to Scrap but anyways here are a couple layouts I got done this week and I have one more to post probably tonite.
ScrapbookElements CTeam: Credits here

Scrapbook-Elements CTeam-Credits Here

Bev O'loghlin Creative Team: Credits here
TFL and Commenting ~Mary~

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