February 02, 2007

I've updated my blog yay new pics and all my new layouts will go over to the "RIGHT" Ok. So today was another wonderful Friday ; ) I got through work okay, my new gal in my department is a lil slow but she's ok and She speaks not one ounce of Espanol and I was told no worries, girly she speaks it like a pro, "Yeah Right" Lies I tell you all Lies! Damn these people that lied to me!!! Ok no biggie there's 2 of us in the front that speak it so I'll just have to deal for a couple more months. Yes it's necessary we have lots of Latino patients : ) ... [[Big Sighhhh]] I'm just thinking about all the snow we have not gotten well until tonite but they said snow, snow, snow, yeah! yeah! yeah! and finally after 2 weeks of all the false announcements we finally got it at like 8pm tonite so we'll have some wonderful white stuff after all... Yay!!!!
I have my battery charging for the AM shots.. ; ) I'm so gonna be ready, I've been waiting since December for some snow and it's here. Wooppiiee!! I'm happy can you tell..... LOL

I also have a new gig well for a month anyways I have a Guest Spot for M.Lamarre Designs I'll be posting the layouts soon. For now here's a new layout I didn't post on the slide.

Sly thoughts Credits Here TFL~Mary

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