January 19, 2007

Hola Mi Gente.... So it seems Like friday has become a ritual for updating the bloggy! What a day at work can I tell you about it ok if you said no here goes anyways, I lost one of my receptionist's today, Yup to another department I so hate the politics and bullshit of work and our CEO Bless his heart gave us a speech about something that got back to him about how the "upper management ran it's business like the corner it's located on, Ok so I officially work in the Ghetto in case no one knew that now you do... Hartford CT, it's a tough crowd on some days and others it's actually pretty good, I've never fealt thereatened or scared I truly enjoy the people and the people around me I work with. So he says how unporfessional blah blah blah he heard they were and then he made a point were over surplus, we've raised this much $from Galas great news all wonderful, So why then was my receptionist not shown the professionalism and asked if she would switch and go to a completely different department? hmmm someone dropped the ball on that one, even if the decision was already made have the courtesy to ask, or am I wrong on this one? Apparently someone in another dept got their panties in a bunch and in order to fix the problem they said hey you go their and send one of yours over here. Absolute bull, I'm so pissed cuz I love my 2 girls I hand picked em for my dept. gosh Damn it! To say the least she was upset about the move she' was just getting use to our own Dept and well now this humungous blow, I've seen the other, I know of her but I've never spoken to her other than hello and goodbye cuz she seems a lil off, I know so not nice but damn it, I would never pick her to work with me in my department, I hope I can come back and say hey you stupid you were wrong about this chic, I hope it's so but it's still not making things right with my other "Chica".....

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