February 03, 2007

We got snow yup finally the white stuff and I didn't even have to tell the kids to let's go outside they went got dressed and said were going outside, Hey Go me so I ran got dressed and went out behind them ughhhh it must've took me like 2 mins to throw everything on and as I got to the door I see Ms. Aracely walking up the last step to come inside, Damn I missed her like by two minutes, She totally loathes the snow I will have to bribe her somehow but she is STUBBORN I mean like when I say no It's no Stubborn! On to some pics I put em all on one page cuz I'm to lazy to save and upload seperately. ; )
Thanks for looking and commenting! Mary

4 Comentários:

Laura Burger Digi Designs said...

Oh love that you got some snow and the pictures look great! We have yet to get much in the way of snow, send some my way

Shabem said...

Oh how fun I am from Dallas and all I want is snow lol.
Good that you enjoyed it with your family. FS!

Paula May said...

Those a pretty photos! I have had a lot of fun playing in the snow this week with my little one too! :)

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Yeahh!! I want snow too, but seems like we´re having an early spring over here :) Great photos!!

Have a great weekend!!

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