January 08, 2007

Hi Everyone, My girls made it back and they got their Xmas gifts on Saturday, they loved em! Yup el dia de los Reyes Magos /3 Kings Day 2 new Gold Chains w/their names on em and they have the earrings to match!
Aracely is finally over her Asthma yay, I had to spend New Years Morning in the ER with her, Poor Baby :(
She is having these fits in the morning that are driving me CrAzy but were making her go to bed at 8:30 instead of 10:30 to see if that helps her horrible morning mood swings! ; ), we shall see keep your fingers crossed. LOL On to my creative team duties I have lots so I'll post some today and the rest later this week!
Check it out.....

Petra Losbichler:Just Happiness Credits Here

Misty Cato and Tracey Monette Credits Here

Diamante Designs: Treasure Kit Credits Here

Diamante Designs: Tender Thoughts Credits

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