December 28, 2006

I know I'm a bad blogger so Christmas has passed. I went to the annual Xmas Gala from our job which was in a casino The Mohegan Sun very nicely done, the food was ok nothing extra-ordinary and we had our Xmas potluck at work which was wonderful Secret Santa gifts exchanged and lots of food I loved, what a wonderful mix I tell ya!
.OH and the girls left for Florida w/their dad yup Xmas wasn't the same this year. They call everyday and torment Helen with all the details of oogglees of fun they're having at Disney, Universal and another place I can't remember. Lucky them, ehhhhh!!! :p

Ok nough about that, on to work...... Today, you know you always bitch and moan joke about the work you do well the receptionist did just that to me today and well I think it was blown out of proportion to have the boss of that department call me and tell me....Listen to me you can tell this person word for word that if she doens't like what she's doing if she doesn't want to add add'l numbers or call insurance co's she can QUIT,["yup just like that "] Our _____ dept works hard at what they do([k and she doesn't thats how you get your info from her] I was like I don't understand what's going on what was said? No defenitive answer was given just let so and so know this and that, Ok UNPROFESSIONAL why not ask her and tell her yourself on a one to one basis, and forget about gettin' HR involved phhhsss that's a joke in itself. I'm trying to stay positive for the sake of my own sanity but I mean really, this place needs to clean house starting with the TOP!! Ok enough of the ranting on to wonderful and beautiful things..... Layouts ;)
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