December 10, 2006

Do I have a good one for you. I went out to lunch w/my co-workers on Friday and they were like let's take your van, I was like no way it's messy and I had just put gas so we took a {durango} that had no gas.... I should've known we'd be in trouble from the beginning so we get in 2 MA's each from Pedi&OB, I Ob CSR and Office Manager{Muaaa} we go to the mall and we make it mind you the driver of vehicles says I must stop for gas, Ok so stop already and get it we never pitch in cuz it's just something that you never do since your invited and it's not every week, KWIM so were ready to leave mall and off we go, driver says we might not need gas so we all say hey it's your vehicle you know better than us do what you feel is right, We jump on highway and head back to work, were all talking about what if the vehicle were to run out of gas, ughhhh say what, PLS our boss will be so mad! So here we are about 1/2 mile from our exit to get back to the office and OMG Driver screams the vehicle is slowing down, seriously I felt it slowing down and scream right signal now and pull all the way over as fast as you can now, now, now!! A pug more and the vehicle is done we managed to get to the brokedown lane and we call the office to have some one fetch our stupid asses some gas and we of course tell them don't tell anyone it's akward enough. Well we joked and laughed fro 30 mins that's how long it took for someone to get to us and we called 3 different people for help. Our boss was a lil peeved but she got over it and said were not allowed to travel in a car that doesnt' have gas to begin with, Duhhhhhh oh did I mention everyone in the building new what happened to us never call the security for help and ask him to keep quiet. Never Eva!
I went to do some holiday shopping for the lil ones got Dora the Trike n TR'us ad and some special coupons they've started to email with some great savings for certain items, I only used the 10.00 Superman Returns and The Ant Bully DVD's cpn great deals for me anyways. I also got my ds some Game boy Advance Videos and Curious George movie he's been wanting but won't get till Xmas. I have couple more things to buy but not much, DD's are getting MP3 players and brand new necklaces w/their
nameplate, I think for 3 that's about all they're gonna get it adds up, ya know and for 3, hmmmpphh
On to some layouts I did for my Creative Team Duties might I say I love these kits the colors and templates are just amazing, I'm so grateful they'll have me cuz sometimes I feel like it's not good enough! ;)

Feliz Navidad Layout Credits Here!

Winter Flurries Credits Here

Fall layout Credits Here

Just for Fun layout Credits Here

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