October 07, 2006

This is a pic from last year but the conversation has always been fresh in my mind. Credits here
I absolutely must say without Bias, K I love this witches foot when I saw it I new I had to have it!

Yes these are the Michelle's Actions in Action I've been playing since I got em, hey they're too darn good not to play with! ; ), IMO
Credits found here

Here is a layout I did w/Corina Nielson's Template and Kit. I love her Schtufff! I'm no stalker, Not yet anyways! jejejeje Full Credits Here....

What a difference ehhhh... Color Pop Action #4 Above

I've been playing with the actions again, what a difference something I could never do in PSP on my own, So I'm using PhotoShop for these actions . Love em, Love em, Thanks so much Michelle. Acttions can be found here

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Opeysmama said...

Mary I just had to come to your blog after cruising your DST gallery to tell you I think your layouts are FANTASTIC! I enjoy your work and Have you bookmarked for "lifts" lol...thanks for sharing your work for inspriation to others. And congrats on your new CTS!!!!

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