October 14, 2006

I am such a bad blogger as many of you I know are! jejeje Ok so I've been trying really hard to do as many layouts as my lil mouse and harddrive will permit, I've been really stressed at work lots of new changes, responsibilities bla bla bla so I've been really trying to get my agression out by scrappin' weird right but I get creative when I'm stressed! So on to the good schtuff!

This is My # 1 son, yeah you read right my # Ok Ok so he's my only son but I was thinking about Gina she recently lost her son and my heart really goes out to her she has such beautiful children and to lose 1 ahhhh It really brings things into perspective for me sometimes..... Link to layout is here w/credits. Hope she doesn't mind I've posted that info here. :(

This here is my Chi-Chi, Beba, Bootiful, Ary ok those are all her nicknames that she goes by and she understands all of em mean HER! She was the sweetest lil duck I've seen in a long time, K so I'm biased she's mine k! I bought some schtuff from Miss Mint the other day she's fantabulous w/all her goodies she gives away monthly GOSH her stuff really is Fab so I had to buy schtuff to let her know she's much appreciated in my book, if that counts for any zero! :p Link is here w/credits

My last layout I'll display for today Is one I just finished of my two lil one's well Gio's hands are in I had to cut out his face for the pic to fit, Sorry Bebo! We had an awesome time today the kids "all of em" my 5+2 I brought along Maery and Steviee so we all went on a HayRide, CornMaze, Hay Maze and fed some animals it was tiring yet fun and I loved being with the kids, I miss em so much during the week. :( Credits can be found here.
K Everyone have a great weekend well what's left of it!

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