October 01, 2006

I have 2 things to toot about this week, I made 2 Creative Teams, Yay my mother would be so proud if only she understood the whole digi thing, she gets the pp just not the digi she's just not good w/computers,
"Love Ya mom sorry for puttin' U on Blast" muuaaaa
Ok Ok So I made the Scrapbook-Elements Team
wow they're store is amazing and I've been a busy lil bee keeping up.... :) Down below are just a couple layouts I've done already. ;)
and for the second one I also made Michelle Pearsons Team for Photo Actions
She is totally amazing w/her actions and her pic well they just blow me away, I wish she could sprinkle some of her techniques on me! :p I'll have some pics tomorrow come back to my lil blog and check em out!

1 Comentário:

Maby said...

I'm so happy that you are on the SBE team! It will be great to continue to see eachother's layouts and share our pics and stuff :) Bienvenida!!

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