October 24, 2006

OMG, work has been crazy we converted, transferred, implimented whateva' you wanna' call it, we have a new Windows based system and I have not so many great things to say about it! It's totally slowin' me down and stressing me out aaaarrgghhhh!!! I totally know how to use it that's not the problem it's the server is slow and I can't switch between screens! K on to good things!
I am Featured Scrapper over at DigiShopTalk, I honestly never thought my d
ay would come for that one, LOL
Yipppeee I'm super happy about that and the designers I design for will have a great spotlight and even the designers I love will have their spotlight too! ; )
So on too some layouts I've done this week!

Pell Farm

Harvest Love


Typical Boy
Ok I think that's all for now, I'll be sure to share more stuff this weekend!

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