September 21, 2006

It's Official I've quit my job after being suspended for the 2nd time of course, LOL
Who died and made my stupid Office Manager the one and only person allowed to speak her mind, Now they will see what a wonderful worker she really is. I think when she pulled me into the conference room she was really offended by all the wonderful stuff I was telling her about herself and her work, too bad she couldn't handle it and had to run and tell her friend from church which is also the HR boss, hey if she didn't want to hear it she should've never asked what do you have against me personally, Jaaa personally nothing, work wise alot, Ok tell me about it what is it? Boom you asked I let you have it never ask if you don't want an honest answer.

Ahhhh I breathe relief when they are saying hmm maybe she was right and didn't deserve to be suspended no of course they would never say that about one of their Church abiding people, let them suck it up and live with there stupid choices! I feel cool about my decision.

So on to better things. This wonderful opportunity has given me the chance to catch up on much needed love to Digi-Scrappin, picture taking, and most important time w/my beautiful family. Of course I will be looking for another job but for now I will enjoy what god has given me. Time o' Sweet Time.....
I did this Lo for the ScrapArtist Apprentice Challenge, Diamante Designs made these awesome pp's and crocheted flowers I had to do a lo as soon as I got my lil mouse on em. Ary was to tired from all the fun she had she didn't want a pic with me :( but I told dd snap it anways. Lo found here
Here's another Lo I did of Ary last year using Autumnal Equinox by Diamante Designs, love her lil elements she includes in her kits. The lo can be found here
I have so many more lo's that I can't post until tomorrow using Robin Cabana's newest desgins check out her Blog here she has all the previews up.

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Amy Bleser said...

I love your layouts! Sorry to hear about the job but it sounds as if you are better off finding another place to be!

Look forward to seeing you around more while you search for a job!

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