September 26, 2006

My family at the end of the day we saw one last acrobat show and we called it quits!

I thought the lights looked great at nite.

Ary thought she was gonna play for $3.00 bucks a pop, Naaaa

Helen got on this one by herself she was freakin out by the end.

Ahhh the Twister they got off so dizzy from this one, I had a good laugh!

Just one of the attractions we saw inside, my dh was really excited when he saw these or it could've been the lady! jejejeje

Right after we got out of the circus, this is the entrance.

Beba and Papi she's being a drama queen as usual cuz Papi wouldn't carry her.

Overall we had an awesome time and I was so glad that Nelson [dh] came with us on our outing cuz usually he's working and misses out on it all. YaY and we spent a ridiculous amount of "$$ so I was really glad when he was pouring out the $$! jejeje, I payed for the entrance so yes I contributed ;)

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