August 30, 2006

So this is my Header, ok if i can figure out how to get it from here to the top, Ja! It will be.
I was so not in the mood to scrap today, had a bad day at work. May I vent Plz...

So I'm sure everyone knows this person at there job, you know the one that got the job b/c she new someone from "church" that was highly recommended b/c they know each other from "church" so of course they're totally right for the job! Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Why on earth does management do this? Please don't think this is about "church" cuz it's not don't read into it incorrectly. The whole thing about it is, the person is no where close to being qualified for a position or the position they were given and they're never wrong b/c well they were hand picked for the position and they're like heaven sent, ya know.
I am so against this type of hiring because if you have an opinion about the job they're doing well it's insubordination, since when does having an opinion about everything your doing wrong insubordination?
I think they're so off the rocker, but that's my opinion! Ok that's all for now! Please tell me I'm not the only one that's feels this way! I'm off to bed to relax and rest.

2 Comentários:

Bretta said...

I totally agree. I've seen too many people in the workplace who weren't at all qualified but were there because they "knew someone." Makes it difficult for those who are qualified to do their job.

Lori said...

OH NO!!! I totally hear yeah!! I use to work for a company that had many of those type of people!! Hope things get better for you!

Love the header with the five hearts and picture!!

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