August 29, 2006

Hola mis Amigos/Amigas... Todo el Mundo
I was so inspired tonite that I did two layouts, yes 2! I really need to catch up on all of my El Salvador Pics their still sittin on my harddrive I need to print, print, and print somemore! What a task. I will tackle it soon, but not today.
So here are the lo's I did.

The 1st one is me with Ro and the 2nd one is Ro w/Helen aren't they the most cutest together, they totally hate each others guts, it could be cuz they're both Leo's! Hmmm
Flower & Doodle by Corina Nielsen Designs
Ribbon by ScrapsyDaisy

I did this one for the Ad Challenge just posted yesterday over at RakScraps
Here's the link if you wanna leave some Love.

This is one is of me and Nelson enjoying our 1st round of coconuts, on our 2nd day in El Salvador I say 1st cuz Nelson went on to have a total of 5, ughhh a lil too much for me but the inside OMG I helped him eat 3 of those absolutely delicious, hmmm!
Credits: Hippie Kit from Personality Collection by Meredith Fenwick
Epherma Alpha's by Sweet Genevieve Designs
Link if you wanna leave some love over @ RakScraps Gallery, I did the Color Challenge it ends on the 8th of Sept.

1 Comentário:

Maby said...

Check you out doing all types of challenges. I need to do some more... :) Great layouts by the way.

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