March 24, 2011

Yesterday I went out to my old job and it was nice walking into the building where I no longer work to see everyone sill their and me knowing that I'm moving on kinda wish I could apply that same sentiment to my loss of my Charlie. I know it's not realistic the thoughts and hurt are so fresh but I wish it could just make the devastation go away!!
Who the hell really cares about a job right, Me b/c it's not the same as a loss of life!!!!
I always love Garbage Day weird right,

something about seeing everyone bringing them out to the curb and taking them in, it's probably about the only time I get to see my neighbors, LOL
They don't have teens they mostly all have grown kids or lil lil kids.....
and yesterday when I arrived home

Mason was like this ahhh I love it, when he's like this it's my peace and quiet time he's so active and let me tell you I was happy he fell asleep b/c we went to Michaels and he wanted at least 10 things in the store and at the end he ran out the door, damn I hate those automated things gives him an easy head start!!! That toy in his hands was the only thing he got from me and let me tell you after I chased him I wanted to put it back but I was to darn tired and ready for my own nap :/ LOL
New Today 3.24.11
Collab by DeCrow Designs & Tracie Stroud: Summer Squeeze

My layout of Mr Mason he was going through his I want a dolly and stroller stage. I can't blame em his big sister was always ignoring him and playing with em so he of course
decided I should play too so we can play together.. Who am I to argue w/reason, LOL

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Lori said...

i'm so sorry for your loss :( i have no other words for you but i sent my deepest sympathy...

your mason is ADORABLE.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Thank you for joining our hop today. I'm following you too :)

Happy Thursday!

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