March 28, 2011

Saturday was tiring we left so early for NJ we were going/went to see a/the soccer game
Argentina vs USA
we tailgated forever w/my dh's friends that still live in NJ. I didn't take as many pics as I usually would b/c it was freezing!!!! I had a light sweater and rain coat and I was beyond regretting the numbness I felt in my legs at the end of the night sitting in those cramped seats...

The New Meadowlands staduim SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS at half time I must've had over 100 people rubbing against my dh and I just to go to the bathroom, I always love the motto if it ain't broke don't fix it!!! I could seriously complain forever but if you ever go you'll so know what I'm talking about :p
Afterward we went to hang out w/my sis, bro n law, and sadly my Friend Roseanne and her new hubby they are moving to Florida she was packing up her apt and it was so sad to see her getting their stuff ready to go on it's way to FL into storage. Its' a New Beginning and with sadness comes happiness, I guess :( but I really was sad b/c I didn't even take any pics, :/ The good thing is she'll still be around for another 3 months Yay so we still get to chill and hang out before she goes!!! She will be coming this weekend so I'm happy bout that....
I'll be busy from Friday on.. Ok enough about for today ;)
New 3.28.11
Beautiful scenery by Lilibule Scrap Design

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My page of Mr Mason riding his bike, it's almost Spring time here almost because it's so freaking cold again. This past week it was sunny but freazing and he had his coat on b/c of all the wind... brrr brrrr!!!

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