October 10, 2010

I woke up this morning and found some very heart warming things in
my Inbox and on Facebook....I am so lucky and grateful to be a
part of this huge and wonderful Digital Scrapbooking Community

From The Daily Scrapper (Alice Koh)

Helping Hand {Charity}

Helping Hand Collab

Helping Hand Collab for Charlie Gonzales Memorial Fund

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Scrap Orchard Special (S.O.S): Helping Hand {Charity Collaboration}
Helping Hand {Charity Collab}

All proceeds of this collab (minus PayPal fees) will go towards the Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund.

Some of the best {digital scrapbooking} designers have come together to create a collab to help our dear friend Mary (marnel) cover the cost of her Daughters hospital bills and funeral.

Please take a moment to read the story:



Helping Hand Charity Collaboration

Some of you may know that one of Owl Tree Studio’s new CT members Mary (Marnel) recently experienced a life changing tragedy when her 17 year old daughter suffered a seizure and died unexpectedly last month. You can read about Mary’s story in her own words here. The Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund has been setup to help Mary’s family cover the cost of the hospital and funeral bills for her daughter.

In response, digital designers from across several stores came together to create a HUGE mega collaboration kit to benefit Charlie’s fund. All proceeds from the sale of the kit (minus any Paypal fees) will go directly to into the memorial fund. Here is what you can expect to see inside this kit:

I just wanted to say Thank You to M. Velazquez, she brought me a lovely card and a gift card for the Grocery Store..
I actually feel bad b/c I've been neglecting the whole Grocery Shopping thing and i know I need stuff but just send my poor Ro Ro for runs on daily stuff we need. This is my motivation to go and
get some shopping done! Thank you so much M. Velazquez!! <3
Hugs - Mary M.


dawn said...

Mary - I had no idea hun - I'm so sorry for your loss, please know that I'm thinking of you xx