October 29, 2010

New 10.29: Whatever the Weather by Camomile Designs
Available @ Matrioshki Designs

My layout :)

October 28, 2010

Photo Art Blog 1 by Tracy Little Designs
Available @ MScraps
New 10.29-Once Upon a Time a Girl by Honey Bee Designs
Honey Pots, Part 1 by Busy Bee Designs

Available @ MScraps

Credit: Gratitude Kit -EHStudios + Designs by Sue Cummings Collaboration
Available @ MScraps

Some great shopping time Retirement/Saying Good bye sales....

October 26, 2010

Have you been over to Inspired Blueprints lately well if you love free Digital Templates go because they are now giving the sketches they make for their challenges as a Template
New 10.26-Imaginary Friends by BCD
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

My page

New 10-26
{Just Because} Notepaper Alphabet
{Just Because} Multipix (set. 1)
PP's from Hilarious by Studio Basic and Pink Reptile Designs
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

My page

Yay I particpated in the October Girl vs.Scrap Challenge
they have Fab prizes if your layout is choosen as a winner for the challenge.

October 25, 2010

New 10.25 Yummy Kitchen by Elo Designs
Available @ DigitalCrea
Cut it out Templates by Amy Martin

My Layout

I posted on Charlie's Memorial Site so in case you don't see it :|
I got this email the other day and I've been meaning to share but finally got to it today :|
Note from Scrap Orchard (Mel & Kami):Helping Hand {Charity Collaboration}
Dear Marnel,
Here are the proceeds from the sale of Charlie's kit for the period ending 10/15. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and if there's anything else we can do to help, please let us know. Love, Scrap Orchard

I want to personally Thank everyone that purchased this kit from Scrap Orchard it really means a lot to my Family and I and the proceeds will help us out tremendously

October 22, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Dúnia and Studio Basic Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

It's a boy thing: Designs by Anita Available @ MScraps

Clean and Simple n°7 by Sabrinas Creations

Frolic by Misty Mareda
Clean and Simple n°7 by Sabrinas Creations
Available @ MScraps

{Just Because} Today and Everyday Collab w/Rita Massela
{Just Because} Blocking Templates
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

October 18, 2010

New 10.18: SweetLullabyby EloDesigns Available @ Digitalcrea

My page

October 17, 2010

Sharing my Creative Team work :)
Today my sis was here from NJ and she took me out to breakfast. We had a wonderful breakfast and talked then we went to Burlington with Ro Ro and our DH's. Mason found some Go Diego Go sneakers that are to cute and he had to put them on so I decided he liked them so much I had to buy them $14 bucks they're a good deal considering they made em so happy to have em on.

Then I came home made cleaned made some pasta salad, white rice, chimole for the meat my dh and BNL were cooking outside.
OMG I just have to say that I love my dh so much the whole time he BBQ the kids stayed outside with them and he sat them all down at once to give em dinner. It was such a Kodak moment! If I had been in a better mood I would've took a pic but I had a crummy feeling overwhelm me so I plopped my butt down and didn't move for awhile :(
On to some good stuff. Digi goodies....
{Just Because} Let's Have Fun
(free)B(i)E HAPPY 02 by Studio Basic
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

Hello, I Love You Kit by Dunia Designs
{Just Because} Basic Templates set.2
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

Play Kitchen by BCD
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil
Template Freebie by AK

We want the funk by BCDolls
Available @ DigiScrappersBrasil

Autumn Embrace-The Kit by Laitha's Designs
Easy Breezy, part 17 Busy Bee Designs


New 10.15
A Late Spring by Angie Hinksman
Pagemaker #7 + Elements by Iscrap

October 16, 2010

Happy Saturday Sweet Shoppers!
Your favorite day of the week is here.

October 12, 2010

If you haven't popped over to the OwlTreeStudio forums yet to participate in HootFest, you are missing out! The site is hosting an event through the entire month of October that is super easy to participate in.
During October, when you chat in the forums, upload photos to their gallery or participate in challenges, you earn points. At the end of the month, the people with the most points will win gift cards to go shopping for digital scrapbook goodies!
Everyone who participates will win a gift card to the OTS store which is opening this month! For complete details, visit the HootFest info page.

Digital Scrapbook Store contest

October 10, 2010

I woke up this morning and found some very heart warming things in
my Inbox and on Facebook....I am so lucky and grateful to be a
part of this huge and wonderful Digital Scrapbooking Community

From The Daily Scrapper (Alice Koh)

Helping Hand {Charity}

Helping Hand Collab

Helping Hand Collab for Charlie Gonzales Memorial Fund

-------------------------------------------------------------Scrap Orchard
Scrap Orchard Special (S.O.S): Helping Hand {Charity Collaboration}
Helping Hand {Charity Collab}

All proceeds of this collab (minus PayPal fees) will go towards the Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund.

Some of the best {digital scrapbooking} designers have come together to create a collab to help our dear friend Mary (marnel) cover the cost of her Daughters hospital bills and funeral.

Please take a moment to read the story:



Helping Hand Charity Collaboration

Some of you may know that one of Owl Tree Studio’s new CT members Mary (Marnel) recently experienced a life changing tragedy when her 17 year old daughter suffered a seizure and died unexpectedly last month. You can read about Mary’s story in her own words here. The Charlie Gonzalez Memorial Fund has been setup to help Mary’s family cover the cost of the hospital and funeral bills for her daughter.

In response, digital designers from across several stores came together to create a HUGE mega collaboration kit to benefit Charlie’s fund. All proceeds from the sale of the kit (minus any Paypal fees) will go directly to into the memorial fund. Here is what you can expect to see inside this kit:

I just wanted to say Thank You to M. Velazquez, she brought me a lovely card and a gift card for the Grocery Store..
I actually feel bad b/c I've been neglecting the whole Grocery Shopping thing and i know I need stuff but just send my poor Ro Ro for runs on daily stuff we need. This is my motivation to go and
get some shopping done! Thank you so much M. Velazquez!! <3
Hugs - Mary M.

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