November 18, 2009

I've been super busy w/the kids and getting ready
for our upcoming
Thanksgiving Holiday.
This weekend i hope to get a pic of all the kids
w/Santa at Evergreen Walk, hopefully Mason will play
along b/c he so hates anything in costumes he reacted horribly this Halloween so I don't want to think of this
guy in a Santa suit freaking him out, LOL
Maybe I'll keep his eyes covered until he's on is lap
poor kid I'm plotting his terror.

Ok Finally a couple of photos from the Beautiful Reception
of my Girl Roseann and her New DH

The bride and groom w/the bride's mom and dad

The bride and groom w/DD and Niece

Ro, Claudia and Iris

Kris, Iris, Ro & Claudia
Creative Team Goodies
Joy and Glee by sherrie JD
Available @ ScrapArtist

My Layout using the Kit above and Jumper(21) by Crystal Livesay
Available @ ScrapbookGraphics


Built by Palette:Happy Place Kit by Boutique Cute Dolls
Available here @ DSB Store

My Layout using the kit :)

On to Sketch 36 it's up c'mon over to Inspired Blueprints
and check it out

Here's my Inspiration for more check out the
Inspired Blueprints gallery
Thanks for Stopping by Have a great day ;)

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Jennifer Y said...

Hey girl...thanks for stopping by my blog! I SERIOUSLY am such a fan of your work. You ROCK the digi world! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!! :)

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