September 18, 2009

Summer is slowly coming to an end I wake to to 40-48 deg weather every AM while it warms up in the afternoon it's
not the same b/c the night time it goes right back to 40deg something weather, I dread the thought of having to turn
the heater on, but oh well it comes w/the territory of
where we live PoutyI do love the fact that we get
all 4 seasons so complaining over.
Oh and I just want to say that when my kids play
together they are no good!!!
This was them on Weds trouble I tell ya!

I honestly didn't think he was going to do it, yeah right!

What made her think that this was ok, she sure does
like to push my buttons, oh here ya go an extra boost,
enof said!!!I Don't Know

These are blurry at this point b/c i'm standing up
yelling at her to stay put!
I have to say I love being a mom to these 2 they keep
me on my toes!
For tomorrow I plan on watching my dd march in a parade
for the kick off of a 4 town fair in Somers we won't
be going to the fair right after because I'm saving my
money for The Big E woo hoo but the kids will enjoy the
time out and festivities, hope it doesn't rain :)
Glamour Girls by mle Card and sherrieJD

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It's time for Sketch #30
C'mon by and check out all the Design Team inspiration
on the Blog and then hop on over
to the Gallery and create your own!

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Susan said...

wonderful blog! fantastic layouts and kits you have shown. I hadn't heard about Sherrie, I can't wait to see where she is going.

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