July 31, 2009

I'm off from work today woo hooo.. so happy bout that
but I have to still be stuck in an office as
I'm getting Mr Mason's passport tomorrow getting
ready for our getaway next Weds I'll be siting on
a beach or by a pool drinking something fruity and
Mr Mason will probably be calling my name and my
dh will be by the min bar... jaaaa cant' wait...
I'm going to share some photos of my family
My dh is the one mowing the lawn he
does this every 2 days I swear it drives me nuts
and the kids just chillin outside when I got home
from work. I miss all this good stuff while I'm away
it's sad :( but I have to make the bacon.

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Thanks for stopping by

2 Comentários:

Melissa said...

Love your pages! Hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday!!!!

Kel =) said...

that beautiful blog, know loved .. loved the photos of Mason he is each day more beautiful, your family is very very nice ... congratulations

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