May 06, 2009

I have been keeping my mind and sould busy by
scrappin my sorrows away....
I've been an an emotional slump again and have just
neglected my o'l blogerooo the visit w/my babies had me
going good for a couple days and then the slump came on
and I wanted nothing to do with nothing except scrappin
b/c that helps me relieve stress.
Well I've found a new stress reliever I started walking
yes sir, I started walking daily for 1/2 an hour after
work I started Sunday not a work day I know but it feels so good and I feel the burn in my butt and legs.Yay
I'm really mentally ready to keep it up so wish me
luck and send me those excercise vibes ;)
I will have to control my mouth at our luncheon today,
were getting rewarded for seeing the most clients this
month in our dept, I think it was over 900 a first for
us and our Dept Director is so siked and gloating big time.
I just want to eat but in moderation of course, LOL
I have lots of Creative Team news to share and show
off so here goes Images are linked.
New Kit out by (BCD) 'Boutique Cute Dolls ' available @ SunshineScrapStudio & DSB Store


Beep Beep Kit by Boutique Cute Dolls (BCD) @ SunshineScrapStudio & DSB Store

My page using the kit...


Awakening Collab by Amanda Taylor, Ida and Scarletheels

My page using the kit
Everything from May Mystery Case by Tangie Baxter Designs available @ ScrapbookGraphics
My page using the kit

NSD Bag of Goodies by Matahati Designs and Amanda Heimannavailable @ ScrapOrchard

My page using the kit
Thank so much for stopping by have a wonderful Wednesday ;)

4 Comentários:

Ellie said...

Walking is a very good thing! I walk about 3-4 miles 4 times a week and the other days I use my treadmill and crosstrainer. It really does give you much more energy.

farfalla said...

Gorgeous layouts! The kits looks awesome :-)

SarahB said...

Sorry you have been feeling down! Your layouts are lovely!

Magdalena (m2m) said...

Wow, amazing pages you showed here, love them all!!!
I'm glad walking works for you.
Have a nice day!!!

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