March 15, 2009

I've had a great weekend, on Friday I went out to dinner
with my co-workers from our dept.
No one wanted to have their photo taken @ dinner which I don't blame em so I got like 3 but they're all blurry :(
Sat I went to the mall with the kids while Charlie went
to the movies and saw Watchmen,
she said it was really good and very Rated R, K, LOL....
I met 2 of her friends that she went with one really
likes her alot but she doesn't want to ruin the friendship
so she doesn't want to date him, better for me I don't have to worry about what she's doing when she's out and about
or is she just telling me that so I don't worry oh well either way I still worry, hmmmm
Today I went out to lunch with my dh we got up late didn't eat breakfast and had a nice lunch just the two of us then
we went grocery shopping while at the store we met a couple the guy kept asking us questions really nice and smiley, where we were from , what we did for a living, where did
we live, and then he went on about how economical things
are where we shopped, where they decided to buy property
and why, how his wife was uspet with him for who knows
what reason and how he gives her her space, she of course
didn't have much to say to us.
It was kinda akward b/c he was doing all the talking and she would just look up at us and shake her head and 1/2 smile
and when he introduced himself he was Jay and she didn't
say anything to us so he said my wife is Kate we were
like ughhhh, OK nice to meet both of you.
When they left dh and I started talking about the ladies reaction or indifference to us he said she thought she was rude he wasn't sure if it was b/c she thought my dh was
white and I was spanish he gets mistaken for a white person alot and I of course am tan, brown eyes, long hair very spanish looking then the cashier said ya know I'm with your dh I got the same vibe, LOL k
I'm only writing about it b/c I guess I'm a lil bothered by it and just wanted to get it off my chest...
Oh well whatevea I can't please everyone nor do I try ;)
I'll leave you all with some happy things, K ;)
Bren's Infamous Color Challenges are back
@ ScrapOrchard come by and have some fun
and the prize is always fantabulous ;)

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6 Comentários:

Tanyia said...

lol I know what you mean about your daughter and the "friend" I am not sure which way I care to think either, but I will worry regardless as well lol.

And the whole grocery thing...wierd.

gabs said...

I hate those grocery things LOL

Little Dragon Designs said...

sounds like quite the adventure! LOL.

The goodies look fabulous. :)

Debb Cozzi said...

The challenge looks fun and your spotlighted kits are lovely!

Dania said...

How awkward! Good for you to get it off your chest...those things aren't worth holding onto.

Interesting challenge at Scrap Orchard....

Zippizip said...

We sometimes experience a weird kind of prejudice being from NY and CT and now living in Tennessee. Not too often but often enough we get the "damn Yankeee Go home" vibe. All you can do is being kind to people and see what you get back.

Stan at Scrappers Workshop

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