December 04, 2008

I'm back from NC yay..
I've been back but just had a chance to blog...
I had the day off Tuesday and I was suppose to
get a root canal and
the dentist's office called
around 12 to cancel, the Dentist had a nasty

cold and was going home early he only saw
his morning appts,
so much for taking advantage of
my day off :(

Then yesterday of all things Mr.Mason got sick he woke
up coughing and
gagging I didn't think anything of it
till we got in the car dropped Gio
off at school and
headed to the sitters right in her driveway

braghhh, orghhhh all over himself,ickkk
I told her I was going right
back home
she said yeah that's a good idea!
She won't watch him if he's sick!

waaaaaa so I took an extra day off and have
really shortened my work
YaY( in a sarcastic voice) for me
I'm sure my supervisor loves
me now for sure....
As for our drive back from our mini vacation it was
not as good as the drive there.
We got stuck on the NJTurnpike for over an hour and it was b/c a bus hit
a car
and they had 2 roads blocked off it was nothing
major but omg the traffic stunk
even though you have
the Cars only lane and the Trucks/Cars lane
my dh decided to
cross to the Cars only like everyone
else was doing, Big Sighhh he's horrible.
Not even the traffic at GWB was that bad it was actually 5 mins wait pretty good compared to the Turnpike see this is why
I don't miss NJ sometimes. :(

I have lots of photos but have yet to play with em so
I'll try to do that later

on tonight or whenever, I know I totally suck at that.
It's so much work. LOL
Ok came back Here's Mr.Mason playing outside of
Grandmas House, he loved it over there so much ;)

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3 Comentários:

Donna B. Miller said...

Oh, no. What a horrible, no good, very bad day! Surely, life will get better soon. :-) Love the photos, and your layout is just lovely.

JanMary said...

Love the photos and layout.

Hope your bad day improved.

amy said...

great photos & LO!!!

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